Why Video in Ecommerce is Essential

If you’re not using video in your ecommerce business it’s time to start questioning your logic. It has become an essential part of the strategy for the top ecomm giants, and the cost is no longer prohibitive for smaller business. From a product explainer to a in-situ product use, the customer gains trust from just knowing you made the effort to do more for them. Video in ecommerce is beginning to separate the mover and shakers, and it’s becoming the new immersive “Shop Window”.

People have always sought input from others as they’ve shopped. Today, that information is increasingly coming from digital video. From early-stage browsing to product reviews to learning how to use a product, people turn to a wide range of video content to find ideas and inspiration that drive buying decisions.

Ecommerce Shopper on mobile
digital window shopping infographic
Digital Store Clerk
Digital Product Support Infographic
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