7 Video Marketing Tips

According to comScore, 84.5% of the U.S. Internet audience views online videos. Videos continue to have a more significant role in the online viewing experience, and even Facebook wants to focus on video ads for their clients. So, what is video marketing and what are our 7 video marketing tips? Essentially, it is incorporating video into your marketing campaign to help sell your product, service or company. Not to mention, studies show that video helps to increase your Google ranking, open rates, click through rates and conversions. Here are some online video statistics:

  • Salesforce.com named 2014 as the year of B2B video marketing, so where are we now?
  • Forrester Research found that pages with videos have a 50% higher probability of landing on the first pages of Google search results.
  • Google currently includes more video results within its organic search listings.
  • Emails with “video” in their subject line get 2-3 times more opens than those without video.
  • Cisco already predicted that in 2016, 70% of mobile data traffic consisted of mobile video.

So, if you are ready to get started, read on for some tips.

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Think of Powerful Video Titles That Pop

Even with video, you still need to find a way to draw viewers. The first step of the process is with a popping title. First of all, you want a title that attracts traffic. Second of all, a good title, with the appropriate mix of keywords, will rank your video higher in the search engines. Also, Google owns YouTube, so they place significance on the name of your video.

Create Video For Your Audience, Not Yourself.

Who are your target viewers? What type of content would they find valuable? Do you have something to teach? One of the most profitable video types are the “How To.” They teach your audience something new while improving your reputation in addition to establishing your credibility as an expert in your field.

Moreover, if possible, keep your video length in mind. Viewers don’t want to spend an hour on one video, they have other sites they want to visit. The best time frame is no longer than three minutes. For example, Vine and Instagram make the most of several seconds. Brands such as Zappos and Burberry both use Vine to assist with sales conversions.

Make Your Video Different. 

With millions of videos, you need to stand out from the crowd. Figure out what topics are overly saturated, and stay away from those. People won’t be interested in videos that are similar to all the others. Look for trending topics for some ideas. You can also ask your clients for suggestions of what they would like to see.

Create a Greeting and Sign-Off Script

When you meet people for the first time, you usually start with an introduction where you state your name and give some information about yourself. It helps to do the same with your video content, especially when you are just starting out. Tell your viewers your name and business name, as well as any other relevant information you wish to include.

Next, write your sign-off script. You can mention your business name again and maybe your location as well as your call out. Practice your script as many times as needed until you can say them naturally without any visual aids or cues.

Don’t Forget to Brand Your Video

The whole idea behind video marketing is to advertise your company, product or service. So, when editing your video, you can also add a text box with your website address. This gives you an extra bang for your buck. You want people to watch your videos; then you want them to visit your site. Additionally, keep your logo where it can be seen, easily.

Review Your Video’s Performance

The most difficult part of the process are taking the first steps. Your initial set of videos is a great way to gauge what works and what doesn’t. Don’t be too hard on yourself because you always have room to learn and grow. Look at the comments and viewing statistics. Which videos are the most popular and why? Which videos need some tweaking? When you answer these questions, your future videos will benefit from your experience.

Boost Your Video Marketing Strategy

Once you start feeling more comfortable, create a campaign. So, instead of posting videos here and there, construct a series around your chosen topics. Make each one follow after the other, and publish consistently. This gives energy to your efforts, and viewers will start to look forward to your videos.

End each video with a call to action. This can be visiting your site, signing up for a newsletter or leaving a comment. If you have their attention, now is the time to take advantage of it.

Stay away from sounding too sales-y. You want your videos to feel like your written content. It should answer customer questions or provide solutions. If consumers feel they are watching a sales pitch, they will probably leave, immediately.

Optimize Your Video’s Keywords

Again, you want to use your keywords in your title, tags and descriptions. Improve your rankings by embedding your videos on your text pages that convey similar content. Make your phrases more specific. To illustrate, if your keyword is “fruit” for an organic raspberry farm, it will be better to use “organic raspberries” instead.

Video Content Suggestions

You want to include various types of videos in your marketing mix. This makes you feel more diverse and keeps your clients engaged. Here are some forms you can use:

  • Educational (Features and benefits of your products and services).
  • Discuss case studies.
  • Share stories (Personal or business-related).
  • Ask questions and answer them.
  • Make behind-the-scenes videos.
  • Show screen captures.
  • Perform interviews.

Video marketing is an enjoyable and efficient way to improve sales conversions. They can be intimidating at first, but you get better as you go along. Moreover, you can post them on sites such as Facebook and Twitter, as well.

You can stay linked to a larger audience and especially millennials who are very connected to the online world. You can even integrate your video campaigns into your CRM system to measure and capture leads as well as data. The future of video marketing shows a lot of potential for use with Google Glass, smart watches and other wearable devices. So, are you pumped about video marketing?

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