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You have a message that’s important, and you want a video that really connects with your ideal clients.

We have everything you need in one place.
Let’s do this together…the easy way.

We specialise in Marketing and Communications video for all sizes of business. Using hybrid editing styles, animated explainers, live action, and motion graphics, we’ll create everything you need from Brand Awareness to Customer Advocacy.

Here’s What We Do:

Create stunning and unique video productions specifically for your business from our own existing video, graphics, images, transitions, music and any other visual content.

We can supply everything you need for most sectors (including live action) and we’ll incorporate your visuals, your branding, your own video, etc.

It can be totally new content supplied by us, or we can recycle your existing content. We’ll also provide the music and the licensing for all content, so you’ll never get caught out online or off. We produce Media Ads, Explainers (animated or other), Communications, Corporate, Strategy roll-outs, Logo stingers, Event previews, Interview make-overs, Webinar clean-ups, Screen captures, and more.


5 Star Professional

We definitely made the right choice. A pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend. The production quality is extremely high, visually delightful, and they added value to our business.

Sarah Thompson

Excellent job, recommended. Breathed life into our original content with some great ideas and fresh motion graphics. Friendly and professional approach.

Jordan K.

Keen, creative, and talented. Kevin was dedicated to giving us exactly what we wanted and everything ran smoothly. Wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Daniel R.

Here’s What We Don’t Do:

Lights, camera, action!

Sorry, we don’t do on-site filming because we use a global network of professional cinematographers to ensure the highest quality of video content available.

So we won’t:

  • Get in the way at your place of business
  • Disrupt your staff for several days
  • Make you feel uncomfortable reciting lines for camera
  • Keep coming back because we missed shots
  • Inflate your office bills with high-power lighting
  • Repeat take after take because of background noise
  • Let you get caught out on YouTube because on unlicensed music
  • Lose your marketing message in our credits

Our Focus is On:

  • Video marketing production based on solid strategies
  • Getting your marketing message right
  • Targeting video to your most profitable audiences
  • Creative design, dynamic editing, and exceptional production quality

– all from our content supply, or yours.

5 Reasons Why We Should Work Together On Your Next Video Content Production

Satisfaction Guarantee

Only  when you’re 100% happy with your video is the project complete. Our goal is to make sure you walk away with a video that you’re proud to share and distribute everywhere you need it.

Guided Creative Process

Every step of the way, you’re part of the team. You know your customers better than anyone, so our project management system guides your input to ensure we nail your Message and Goals.

Full-Service Production

We provide all the video clips, the music, the graphics, voiceovers, and the licensing that you need to have a fully commercialised video. It’s all part of our service, and there are no hidden costs.

Rush Delivery Service

ASAP is something we hear alot. We’re equipped to get your video completed as soon as possible, and we won’t compromise the quality. Let us know right now if you’re in a rush so youcan use our Priority service.

Choose Your Service & Style

We’re Editing and Marketing specialists. Live action stock, whiteboard and colour animation, logo stingers, motion graphics. We can find a style that suits your business needs.

Together we’ll work 100% online with audio-visual consultations, so you’ll never have to leave your desk. You’ll get full guidance on the most effective styles & messaging for your business before we ever start production, and we’ll handle all content licensing.

We’ve delivered for clients in the USA, UK & Europe, and we’d love you to be next.

To book your no-obligation consultation click the Appointment Link now, or call the direct line to speak to Kevin.

Mixed Media

Why stick to one style when you can let it all hang out. The video below mixes multiple styles to wish customers a Happy Hoilday season and thank them for their support during the year.

Click image to view video:

Click to view video

Whiteboard Explainer

You need to lay it out in front of the Customer. Tell them what you do, tell them how the benefit from using you, and tell them how to contact you. The simple Whiteboard Explianer Video is ideal for you.

Click image to view video:

Click to view video

Colour Max Explainer

You still want to offer your explainer, but you have a larger budget and so do your Clients. Upgrade to the Colour Max Explainer Video for a richer, more elegant feel.

Click image to view video:

Click to view video

Live Action Explainer

Completely generated from our stock you get Full HD professional footage, a licensed soundtrack, and motion graphics. This Premium product shows yourthat you’re a Premium Service business.

Click image to view video:

Click to view video

So, What Does Marketing Video Production Process Look Like?

A normal production project is around 4 to 6 weeks, but all projects are different and we understand you may have your own timeframe pressures. If you need a video ASAP, tell us straight away and you can benefit from our priority service. Logo stingers can be turned around in a couple of days. If you step up your decision-making process, we’ll match it with multistream production methods to hit your target dates.

Stage 01: Discovery

Using our video strategy questionnaire we’ll gather as much information and content from you as we can. Then we’ll have a kick-off call to get things rolling.

Stage 02: Definition

This is where we discuss and refine your exact goals. We’ll set the parameters for the project, such defining your audience, styles, branding, colour themes, and schedule.

Stage 03: Script

Now we know your Audience we can begin to talk their language. We’ll create a script that speaks to them in a voice they understand, engages with them, and guides their actions.

Stage 04: Soundtrack

Time to find music, a voiceover if required, and any background tracks that create ambience. Audio sets tha scene for most videos, and viewers emotions are driven by it.

Stage 05: Storyboard

This is where things really start to take off. We’ll use all our hard work together to detail the video timeline. This lays out the frames against text and audio in simplfied illustration or photo format.

Stage 06: Production

This is the final stage where we create your masterpiece. Video, audio, and graphics all come under scrutiny during our review process together and your video isn’t complete until you’re 100% satisfied.

Ready to Discuss Your Video Project?

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The Online Video Production Company is based in the UK, and we do exactly what it says on the tin...We create and manage your marketing video productions completely online, so we work globally. For you, that means you get your video fully project managed online and produced without leaving the comfort of your favourite chair. As long as you can connect with us, through hang-outs, skype, or whatever your preference, you'll have 100% face-to-face meetings and project visibility.