Video Script Creator

Creating your video script can be a headache. Using our Video Script Creator you can lay down the bare bones of what you need to say to your audience in a structured manner. You will probably need to do this seveal times, refining your message, cutting out the fluff, and deliverig what the customer is actually looking for. It’s an ongoing process, so let it rest and come back with fresh ideas each time.

Fill in the form and send yourself a copy.

Follow the process, and reach out to us if you need some help.

  • Script refers to the content. Some content may be written, some may be spoken.
  • You don’t have to do this in cronological order.
  • Defining your value (3) and the final action (5) before you start can be a big help.
  • Using the graphic below as a rough guide will help you to be more concise.
  • You can email it to yourself at the bottom.

NB: 150 words equates to roughly 60 seconds of spoken word. On-screen text will be less.