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There are so many bases to cover in Internet Marketing that professional marketers don’t leave things to chance. They build great strategies and they automated the donkey work. Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed by all the information. With just a few good tools from our list of Internet Marketing Resources you’ll save youself lots of time, stress, and money.

Facebook Marketing


If you run Facebook Ad Campaigns and you want to tap into where your audience hang out, retarget with precision and reduce your ad spend, then this the best tool I’ve used.

The creator, Wilco, works in constant contact with Facebook. Making sure that the complete suite of Re-targeting, Lead Ad integration, Custom Audience and Analytics tools are fully compliant and work in harmony is his one true focus. It also means he is ahead of the curve in the ever-changing fluidity of Facebook updates .

I’ve tried many Fb tools over the past 7 years and with the constant changes it’s been a bit hit and miss. At one point Fb change their whole program language and, despite constant warnings being sent out by Fb, there was a six month drought of software whilst App developers figured out how to tap into the new interface. This most up-to-date, fully compliant Facebook marketing suite you can get hold of.

If you only run the occasional Fb Ad this probably isn’t what your looking for. But if you use Facebook as it should be used, run real campaigns and want to increase ROI, this is worth testing.

To get one-off lifetime access to the Connect.io audience tool plus a 30-Day free trial of the full suite you can take a look here.


Sometimes, the more you stare at your graphics the more you can see that there’s something not quite right.

That definitely used to be me, until I found a Graphic Mentor. Someone who proved to me that my engineering mind was playing tricks on me, and I needed an artists eye to “correct” things that were actually just illusions of color and shape.

A little too much here, not enough there. Often it’s down to your use of color, and as color has everything to do with your Branding here’s something to stop you breaking the rules.


Adobe Color

Working on your branding or website, but having trouble understanding the language of colors?

Don’t try to figure it out for yourself. Go toy with the experts at Adobe Color CC.

Play with the tool, “Change Color Harmony”, pull the levers, and even if you can’t speak this unwritten language your eyes will figure out what you’re looking for. Cool tool, free of charge.

Find Adobe Color CC here

File Transfers

Sending large files to team members or clients can be a pain in the @ss with email. Here’s a few smarter ways to work.


If you’ve got large files that mess up your inbox try WeTransfer. Really handy! As you can imagine working in video can be super heavy on resources, so this is a great tip that I got working with marketing agencies that often transfer large graphics files.

A free service up to 2GB. Bliss…

Find them here

Domain Names

Buying a Domain name can be a small but significant step in defining the strategy of your company. So you’ll want a reliable registrar and simply process. Here’s some options.


What’s in a name? Well price for a start. It’s always worth shopping around for preferential pricing when buying anything, So if you can buy the same Domain name for less through a different registrar, why not?

Here’s another reliable company that will give you fair pricing and good service.

See NameCheap here.


UK’s #1 registrar, who also server customers in the United States, Australia and a good part or the EU. Who knows, with the current economic climate you may well pick up a good deal based on a weakened pound sterling.

With a 4.7/5 Star rating based on Google and Trust Pilot reviews they’ll be worth considering. They also provide website builders and hosting services.

See 123-Reg here.

*If you don’t want to be plagued by unsolicited emails from people crawling the “who-is” directory for newly purchased domains privacy protection is a must. You’ll normally get an option to add this during checkout. Whilst it may feel like an unnecessary add-on it will protect your business identity if you wish to build a portfolio of domains for multiple lines of business.

Website Hosting

Buying hosting should be considered a long-term affair. Often businesses buy into cheap hosting packages not realizing the technical compromises they’re making. That said, not everybody need expensive hosting and it really is horses for courses. Before hooking yourself up, take a call with the hosting company and discuss your needs; don’t simply take the cheapest, but do ask the sales team for reduced rates and negotiate the pricing. Most of the time you’ll get some kind of discounted rate, at least for the first 12 months, so it doesn’t hurt to push a little.


Small, customer focused and rapid SSD hosting, Great tech support that has direct access to higher level tech teams whilst online with you. I’ve never suffered up-selling during a technical support call, which is my main criticism of other companies.

If you want high-performance hosting supported by a high-performance team, you can’t go wrong here.

Take a look at InMotion Hosting here:



Large company with a solid reputation. You’ll find good offers and lower prices if that suits the kind of hosting you’re looking for. Remember, it’s horses for courses. If you don’t have a lot of traffic, you don’t need your servers to jump through hoops to churn large amounts of content searches of filter goods on eCommerce pages, then get something cheap and cheerful.

See what Bluehost can offer here.


One of the world’s larget hosting companies that has been around since 1988. So it’s not going anywhere, unlike many overnight hosting providers that spring up daily.

Hosting is big business and with such a large choice it can be confusing. If you just want peace of mind that the company you choose is still going to be there next year and the year after that, check out 1&1.

See 1&1 hosting here.


Why I don’t like Godaddy. Over the years I’ve used Godaddy for both hosting and as a registrar. Some people have had good experiences with them, but I’m not one of them. People always ask me because of the entry level pricing, so here’s my answer. “I’ve been over-charged, poorly advised, had websites go down because of conflicting support actions, and the front-line sales staff are there to up-sell, not fix.” As you can see, you can quote me on that.

WordPress Themes

In the past, I’ve owned so many WordPress themes for different types of websites that I got sick of the lack of flexibility. Right now I use only two. Since I’ve used these it’s given me a complete arsenal for everything. They cost more than buying an single theme, but if you intend to handle your own website you’ll never need to pay a designer again. Once you take a look you’ll understand why. Everything you could ever desire in terms of design is almost done for you. Don’t confuse design with functional things, like payment systems or bookings, which is the job of your individual Plugins.

Elegant Themes

Beautiful designs and more than 150 in-built templates to work from. Makes confining yourself to a single theme feel like a ridiculous thing to do.

See Elegant Themes here.


If you need to constant built new sales pages and tune them to individual campaigns this is a great choice. With a recently updated Smart Theme for regularly posted content the package has had a makeover.

This is more about Page Building for sales funnel creation than about overall aesthetic design so it serves a different purpose to the sublime images found on Elegant Themes.

Robust builder, great support, and good competitor to monthly hosted page services like LeadPages or ClickFunnels if you already pay for hosting and want to set up your own funnels.

Read more about it on the OptimizePress blog.

WordPress Backup Plugin

If you take your business and your customers seriously this is a must. Even losing a simply hobby blog can bring tears to your eyes when you consider how many hours you invested in it. If your livelihood depends on it will be thoroughly gut-wrenching.


I use this excellent service, and it’s never failed me so I’m more than happy to recommend them.

Not only do they remotely back up your website, they also back up the back ups across multiple server networks separated geographically. Which means that if one regional server takes an unexpected hit your precious business is backed up in other locations all around the world.

See UpDraft here.


The Online Video Production Company is based in the UK, and we do exactly what it says on the tin...We create and manage your marketing video productions completely online, so we work globally. For you, that means you get your video fully project managed online and produced without leaving the comfort of your favourite chair. As long as you can connect with us, through hang-outs, skype, or whatever your preference, you'll have 100% face-to-face meetings and project visibility.