GSP 2: Green Screen Presenter + Logo Overlay

GSP 2: Green Screen Presenter + Logo Overlay

45 – 60 Second Presentation by a professional actor, tailored to your business or service.  This Green background video talks direct to the customer, face to face, and can be tailored to use any background you wish. That could be your office, workshop, your shopfront, company vehicle, or just your Full size Logo as a backdrop. Please note, if you supply your own images they must be high-resolution and high-quality.

We will offer you images or video from our own stock that our team feels is well coordinated to your needs. There is not extra charge for using our stock.

+ Additional Logo Overlay to give visibility to your brand.

Available in UK and US accents for a wide range of sectors.

Note: Full commercial rights to use this product wherever and whenever your wish are included in the price. No need to worry about whether your video contains any legal royalty content constrictions. We’ve taken care of all of this, so you won’t get hit by royalty claims on YouTube, Vimeo or any other Social Media.